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Week One—Introduction—Media, Social and Cultural Change

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[Lecture recording and pdfs are supplied elsewhere]

Introduction to the Course/Media, Social and Cultural Change

There are three lectures that are required listening if you are not in the lecture theatre. The other two are optional. I’ll be giving this lecture live on the Monday of Week One. The various links and videos for the lectures are also below. There is a pdf of the powerpoint for this week that is supplied elsewhere. However, although there often will be, there might not always be pdfs/powerpoints.

This week’s will be the only lecture in the lecture theatre. All other lectures will be online only. They will be a mixture of recordings by Andrew, and of other materials (videos, other audio, small readings). Engagement with the lecture materials online is a required part of the course. Not engaging with these materials online will be regarded as non-attendance.

For weeks 2-13, lectures are already online. However, these are currently last year’s lectures. I may change a few of them (more likely later in the course). If so, the lecture for a week’s topic will always be online by the Thursday before the relevant week. You will find the lectures at the top of each week’s section.

Links and Videos

A gif describing methodology with a cat jumping from furniture to furniture but miscalculating and missing. Meanwhile a geometrical pattern is imposed over the cat’s flight that suggests what should have happened.

Andy Thomas’ Nightingale and Canary (description on the link site) (Dutch listening devices with pictures on a bit of a clickbait site … these devices are very large apparatuses of various kinds meant to capture and amplify sounds from afar)

Superpowers in VR (using brain interfaces and virtual reality headsets to allow a woman to feel like she has superhuman powers—such as being able to levitate objects)

Meta 2 AR (augmented reality—description on site)

The Human Face of Big Data (trailer for a documentary about data)

the importance of Buzzfeed (at that moment in time .. there are many others now, and Facebook of course)

An Ecology of Mind (trailer for a documentary about Gregory Bateson, a famous cybernetics thinker and anthropologist, who developed new understandings of communication, and of ecology—we think about his work in week three)

Marimba Ani (What is Culture?)

Zen Calligraphy demonstrated by Harada Shodo Roshi

AntiVJ— O (Omicron) [AntiVJ are still one of the most interesting VJing and Projection Mapping groups in the world]