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I am Editor of the Fibreculture Journal, now affiliated with the Open Humanities Press.

There is also writing on my academia.edu pages.

I am currently working on two books, Differential Media: Differential Culture and On Not Performing: Technology and Intensity.


2003 Culture and Technology (co-authored with John Potts) (London:Palgrave)

Articles and Book Chapters

2014 'Auditland', Portal: Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies, 11(2): 1-41 (on audit culture, neofeudal fantasies and the transition towards societies of control)

2014 'Making sense: the transformation of documentary by digital and networked media', Studies in Documentary Film, 8(3): 188-204

2013 'Convolving Signal: Thinking the Performance of Computational Processes', Performance Paradigm, 9, <http://www.performanceparadigm.net/journal/issue-9/articles/convolving-signals-thinking-the-performance-of-computational-processes-andrew-murphie/>

2013 with Ian McArthur and Brad Miller ' augmented_studio : collaboration, interactive media and urban space' Hybrid Cities Conference Proceedings, Athens

2012 with Lone Bertelsen 'Affect, Subtraction and Non-Performance', Peripeti: tidsskrift for dramaturgiske studier, 'Affekt og katastrophe', issue 17: 78-87

2012 ‘Hacking the aesthetic: David Haines and Joyce Hinterding’s new ecologies of signal’, Journal of Aesthetics and Culture 8(1), <http://dx.doi.org/10.3402/jac.v4i0.18153>

2012 (with Sher Doruff) 'Multimedia Mixing and Real-time Collaboration: Interview with Sher Doruff about the development and use of KeyWorx, the Translocal and Polyrhythmic Diagrams', the Fibreculture Journal, 21, <http://twentyone.fibreculturejournal.org/fcj-153-multimedia-mixing-and-real-time-collaboration-interview-with-sher-doruff-about-the-development-and-use-of-keyworx-the-translocal-and-polyrhythmic-diagrams/>

2012 (with Michael Hardt, Craigie Horsfield, Erin Manning and Brian Massumi) 'A Conversation' in de Zegher, Catherine and McMaster, Gerald (eds.) All Our Relations: 18th Biennale of Sydney Sydney: Biennale of Sydney: 53-63

2011 ‘Models and the Future’, The World of the News Aarhus University/Transmediale:20

2011 ‘On Not Performing: the Third Enclosure and Fractal Neofeudal Fantasies’, Scan 8(1), <http://scan.net.au/scn/journal/vol8number1/Andrew-Murphie.html>

2011 with Adrian Mackenzie and Mitchell Whitelaw ‘Editorial’, Trans issue, the Fibreculture Journal, <http://eighteen.fibreculturejournal.org/>

2010 '14 Theses and 21 Ghosts for Locative and Mobile Media', Inflexions, 4

2010 'Deleuze, Guattari and Neuroscience' in Gaffney, Peter (ed.) Deleuze, Science and the Force of the Virtual Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press: 330-367

2010 with Lone Bertelsen 'An Ethics of Everyday Infinities and Powers: Félix Guattari on Affect and the Refrain' in Gregg, Melissa and Seigworth, Greg (eds.) The Affect Reader Durham: Duke University Press: 138-157

2010 'Shadow's Forces/Force's Shadows' in Bissell, David and Fuller, Gillian (eds.) Stillness in a Mobile World London: Routledge : 21-37

2009 'Be Good, Be Still, Be Cool: the ambivalent powers of stillnes in an overactive world', M/C: a journal of media and culture 12(1): <http://journal.media-culture.org.au/index.php/mcjournal/article/viewArticle/133>

2009 'Performance as the Distribution of Life: from Aeschylus to Chekhov to VJing via Deleuze and Guattari' in Cull, Laura (ed.) Deleuze and Performance Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Press: 221-239

2009 'Joyce Hinterding and David Haines: High Res Resonations with the Milky Way', ACM Computers in Entertainment 7(2) June

2009 'Taking Off the Gloves: Touch, Transcendence and Immanence in Film' , Kinema, 31, Spring: 65-90 [on Paul Schrader, Ozu, Deleuze and the syntax of aesthetics]

2009 'Escaping Influence', catalogue essay on Joyce Hinterding and David Haines Telepathy, Sydney: The Performance Space.

2008 'Ghosted Publics - the "unacknowledged collective" in the contemporary transformation of the circulation of ideas' in Nat Muller and Alessandro Ludovico (eds.) The Mag.net reader 3 San Sebastian: arteleku/London/OpenMute: 102-110

2008 'Clone Your Technics: Research creation, radical empiricism and the constraints of models', in Inflexions: A journal for research-creation 1(1)

2008 with Ross Harley 'Australian Electronica: A Brief History' in Shane Homan and Tony Mitchell (eds.) Sounds of then, Sound of Now: Popular Music in Australia Hobart; Australian Clearing House for Youth Studies: 93-111

2008 with Adrian Mackenzie 'The Two Cultures Become Multiple? Sciences, Humanities and Everyday Experimentation' in Australian Feminist Studies, Special Issue on Science and Culture 22(5): 87-100

2008 with Ross Harley 'Electronica in Australia', Music in Australia Knowledge Base

2007 'Mobility, Work and Love' in Hjorth, Larissa waiting for immediacy IDP Printers/ Yonsei University: 16-19 (blog version here)

2007 with Ross Harley 'Australian Electronica: A Brief History' in Culture Machine, 9

2007 'The Fallen Present: Time in the Mix' in Hassan, Robert and Purser, Ron (eds.) 24/7:Time in the Network Society Stanford: Standford University Press

2007 (with Anna Munster) 'Assembling Collective Thought' in Aminima, 20: 88-97 (Spanish and English)

2007 'Struck', Catalog essay for Michele Barker and Anna Munster's video installation Struck at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

2006 '"Brain-Magic": Figures of the Brain, Technology and Magic' in Edward Scheer and John Potts (eds.) Technology and Magic (Power:Sydney): 112-124

2006 'Vibrations in the Air: performance as interactive technics' in Edward Scheer and Peter Eckersall (eds.) The End of the 60s: Performance, Media and Contemporary Culture Performance Paradigm Publications (republication): 98-112

2006 'Locating Media Tyrannies' (review of Matthew Fuller's Media Ecologies: Materialist Energies in Art and Technoculture) American Book Review 27:4:32

2006 [as Enrdju Merfijs] "Izplatiba Un Salikums Dzoisa Hinterdingas Un Deivia Heinsa Darbos" in Terra: Saistosi Par Dabaszinatnem Un Tehnologijam, July/August:40-42 (Latvian translation of work I have done on the Australian artists Joyce Hinterding and David Haines)

2005 'The Mutation of "Cognition" and the Fracturing of Modernity: cognitive technics, extended mind and cultural crisis', Scan 2, 2 (September) [Special issue on memory, media, and embodied cognition]

2005 'Differential Life, Perception and the Nervous Elements: Whitehead, Bergson and Virno on the Technics of Living', Culture Machine 7

2005 'Vibrations in the Air: performance as interactive technics', Performance Paradigm 1

2004 'Life Already: Interaction as the Enjoyment of Assemblage'. Interaction: Systems, Practice and Theory, University of Technology, Sydney, Creativity and Cognition Studios Press: 305-327.

2004 'The World as Clock: The Network Society and Experimental Ecologies' (on Lars Von Trier's Verdensuret, media and other ecologies, Guattari and lobsters) in Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, Spring, special issue on technology and culture: 117-139

2004 'Vertiginous Mediations: sketches for a dynamic pluralism in the study' Media International Australia February, 110:73-95

2003 'When Fibre Meets Fibre: networking as ritual meeting of body, brain' in M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture [ 'Fibre' issue] 6, 4.

2003 'Negotiating Presence:Performance and New Technologies' in Philip Auslander (ed.) Performance: Critical Concepts in Literary and Cultural Studies London:Routledge

2003 'Electronicas: Differential Media and Proliferating, Transient Worlds', fineart forum 17:8 August. (republication)

2003 'Electronicas: Differential Media and Proliferating, Transient Worlds'. Proceedings of the Fifth International Digital Arts and Culture Conference. RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. May 19 - 23, 2003.

2003 'The Enchantments of Cultural History: A Review of Simon During's Modern Enchantments: The Cultural Power of Secular Magic', Australian Humanities Review

2003 'The Electronica Presence of Absence: Remediating Media Theory' (review of Jeffrey Sconce's Haunted Media), Theory & Event 7(1)

2002 'Putting the Virtual back into VR', in Brian Massumi (ed.) A Shock to Thought: expression in the philosophy of gilles deleuze and felix guattari (London:Routledge) (republication).

2001 'Is Philosophy Ever Enough?' (extended review of Gregory Flaxman's The Brain is the Screen:Deleuze and the Philosophy of Cinema ) on the very grand Film-Philosophy Site v5, n38

2001 'A Requiem for Postmodernism: The New Media Adjusters from Sokal to Starship Troopers' in McKenzie Wark (ed) Thinking Media (Sydney:Pluto)

2000 'Computers are not Theatre: The Machine in the Ghost in Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's thought', a reprint of the article below, in Gary Genosko, (ed.) Deleuze and Guattari: Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers London:Routledge

2000 'Sound at the end of the world as we know it: Nick Cave, Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire and a Deleuze-Guattarian ecology of popular music', a reprint of the article below, in Gary Genosko, (ed.) Deleuze and Guattari: Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers London:Routledge

2000 'The Dusk of the Digital is the Dawn of the Virtual' in Enculturation 3:1 (Post-Digital issue) at (on the virtual, digital, Stelarc and Rebecca Horn)

1998 'Flowing - theories and taboos in Popular Music Studies' in Perfect Beat: the pacific journal of research into contemporary music and popular culture v3 n4, January:85-92

1998 'I'm Not Joking --Lacanian Nostalgia Ain't What It Used To Be' a review of Zizek's Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lacan (But Were Afraid to Ask Hitchcock) on the very grand Film-Philosophy Site

1997 'Editorial: Machinic Theory' in Convergence: the Journal of Research into New Media Technologies v3 n2, Summer:5-8 (for an issue I edited)

1997-1998 'Putting the Virtual back into VR' in Canadian Journal of Comparative Literature: Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée, an issue on Deleuze, Guattari and expression.

1996 'Computers are not Theatre: The Machine in the Ghost in Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's thought' in Convergence: the Journal of Research into New Media Technologies v2 n2, Autumn:80-110

1996 'Sound at the end of the world as we know it: Nick Cave, Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire and a Deleuze-Guattarian ecology of popular music' in Perfect Beat: the pacific journal of research into contemporary music and popular culture v2 n4, January:18-42

1992 with Edward Scheer, 'Capital, Culture and Simulation - Dance Parties in Sydney from 1985-1990' in Hayward, Philip From Pop to Punk to Postmodernism Allen and Unwin, Sydney

1990 'Negotiating Presence: Performance and New Technologies' in Hayward, Philip (ed.) Culture, Technology and Creativity: in the late twentieth century John Libbey, Arts Council of Great Britain, London

1988 'The Body in Performance: Small Moments in Cultural Production' Spectator Burns 2:63-71 (on Deleuze, Guattari, the body and performance)

1987 'Lost in the Fatherland: Naturalism, Theatre and the Body' Spectator Burns 1:10-23 (on gender issues, Lacan and Ibsen)


I am Editor (ongoing) of the Fibreculture Journal, now affiliated with the Open Humanities Press. Issues I have personally edited:

2011 Issue 18 – Trans (with Adrian Mackenzie and Mitchell Whitelaw)

2009 Issue 14 – Web 2.0 (with Anna Munster)

2008 Issue 12 – Metamodels (with Gary Genosko)

2006 Issue 09 – General Issue

2005 Issue 06 – Mobility (with Larissa Hjorth, Gillian Fuller and Sandra Buckley)

2004 Issue 03 – General Issue

2003 Issue 02 – New Media, New Worlds?

2003 Issue 01 – The Politics of Networks

Conference Papers/Presentations/Workshops/Art

2011 ‘Cognitive, business and other models and Deleuze’s theory of subtraction’, In/compatible markets and methods panel, In/compatible conference and workshop, Vilém Flusser Archive, Berlin, November 17

2011 ‘The World as Medium’, Affect, Art, Politics Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Nordisk Institut, Århus University, Denmark, October 14

2011, workshop participant, Generating the Impossible, the Senselab, Concordia University, July 3-10

2011 [Keynote] 'On Not Performing' Unacceptable conference, Macquarie University, Sydney, May 1

2011 'Differential Cognition/Ghosted Publics and Unacknowledged Collectives', Bodies in/ex situ conference, ADFA, UNSW, Canberra, February 1

2010 'Dynamic Media Network Project', Data Dynamics Workshop, University of New South Wales, Sydney, December 3

2009 (run, with Thomas Markussen) Master Class in interaction design at Kolding Design School, December 2-3

2009, (July) workshop participant, The Society of Molecules, Senselab, Concordia University (international)

2009 'Between Seeing, Affecting and Being Affected: Vision, Proprioception and Modeling in interaction design', Kolding Design School, Kolding, Denmark, November 25

2008 with Anna Munster (December 9) 'Innovation and Aversion:  the dispositif of contemporary socio-technical assemblage and the ambiguities of Exodus', Thinking Things Through workshop, University of New South Wales, Sydney.

2008 (September 2) 'Open? Access? Publishing?: a new world for humanities publishing is a new world for the humanities' at the Digital Humanities: Past, Present, Future symposium, Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney

2007 (December 14) '14 theses and 21 ghosts for locative and mobile media', The Poetics of Mobilities Symposium, Centre for Contemporary Art and Politics, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney.

2007 (October 2) 'The Virtual, Interactive Design and Cognitive Models' Kolding Designskolen, Denmark

2007 (August 20-25) Workshop Participant, Housing the Body, Dressing the Environment, Senselab, Concordia University

2006 (November 29) 'Auditland: Education and Cognitive Labour' at a workshop run by the Centre for Research on Social Inclusion, Macquarie University on "The Concept of Labour".

2006 [with Anna Munster] (August 12) 'assemblage for collective thought (act)' VJ/DJ performance at ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge / 13th International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA2006)

2006 (June 21) 'Hebbing the System (with Bernays Sauce): the new technics of brain-body performance' Critical and Cultural studies Corpographies Seminar series, Macquarie University Sydney

2006 (May 4) 'Thought and 'Cognition' - New-ish Orders, Virtual Cognition and the Possibility of a Radical Empiricism' UTS Cultural Studies Research Group, Sydney.

2005 (October 24) 'Virtual cognition, politics and the mutation of the modern' Centre for Contemporary Art and Politics seminar series, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney.

2005 (July 9) 'Hacking the Aesthetic: Distributed Aesthetics in the work of Joyce Hinterding and David Haines' Transforming Aesthetics conference, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.

2005 (June 15) 'Virtual Cognition and the Forces that Constitute Microbrains' Australian Society for Continental Philosophy conference, University of New South Wales, Sydney.

2005 (April) Invited Guest, Dancing the Virtual, Senselab, Concordia University

2004 (December 3) 'Media, Cognition, Life: The mutation of ‘cognition’ and the end of ‘modern culture’' - Memory, Media and Social Theory workshop, Department of Philosophy, Macquarie University, Sydney.

2004 (November) 'Life Already - Interaction as the Enjoyment of Assemblage' - Interaction, Systems, Practice and Theory, a Creativity and Cognition symposium hosted by the Dynamic Design Research Group, University of Technology, Sydney.

2004 'Ants' Nests and Tea Ceremonies: space, synthesis and memory within network ecologies', Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory, RMIT, Melbourne.

2004 (with Mat Wall-Smith, September 15) 'Always Living, Sometimes Conscious: Thinking Network Ecologies', Schools of Media and Theatre, Film and Dance, University of New South Wales, September 15.

2003 'Virtual and Differential Ecologies' - Biophilosophy and the Politics of Life, the Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University, July

2003 'Electronicas: Differential Media and Proliferating, Transient World' StreamingWorlds - Digital Arts and Culture, Melbourne, May

2002 'The World's Acid: Emergence and Structure within the Digital Aesthetics' at the Strange Weather conference, November, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (on Lars Von Trier's Verdensuret and the digital aesthetic).

2002 'Becomings of a Spiritual Automaton: Deleuze, Film and New Media' (on Deleuze's Cinema 2 and computer media) at the Deleuze and Cinema conference, September, University of New South Wales.

2000 'Another Fine Mesh: The Threshold of Absolute Immanence' at the Australasian Society of Continental Philosophy conference, Sydney, November

1998 'Getting in Touch: touch, lost horizons and the problem of the transcendent/immanent distinction in film, philosophy and the Internet' at the Australasian Association of Philosophy conference, Sydney, July.

1996 'Becoming-Minor and the web' at the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) in Rotterdam, September, 1996.

1987 'Softbody' Politics of the Body conference, The Performance Space, Sydney.


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